As a 20 years-old girl in suburban Stockholm, a strong identity and sense of self have always been central in my life. I’ve worked towards finding myself as long as I can remember which has resulted in a lot of things; a lot of pain, realization and maybe foremost many different ways to express myself. 
At 17, I published my first novel “Amongst the Stars” as a reflection about life, mental and physical health and sexuality with a fantasy theme. This became my introduction to other artistic outlets; amongst which I found a fondness of graphical design.
Graphical design brought back an interest in photography from childhood, and with amazing encouragement from my partner I started working on my skills. It’s been said I have an eye for beauty, but I like to think I have an eye for the individual - and that everyone and everything carries something beautiful with them. 
I’ve been asked if this pursuit of beauty can be seen as healthy, considering the society we live in today and the culture stressed through social media. With my motto: “Let me capture the Beauty in every moment” I wish to express that there is beauty in every moment; in the raw, unmonitored human experience. I myself have suffered in the pursuit of perfection, and will spend the rest of my life defying the conclusion that perfect equals beautiful. 

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