My first novel, published in 2019! Amongst the Stars is a fantasy novel about young love, self discovery, overcoming past trauma and the importance of friends and family.
In high school, I studied advanced English with a focus on writing. It became an outlet for a lot of feelings I didn’t know how to express. Below, you can read two of them:
A Sonnet about Death
Crossed your path and lived to tell the tale
Beauty masked by sadness, pain yet to come
A warm embrace for those who won’t prevail
In their path leaving sorrow, silent hum

Respected, feared, worth admiration
Surrounded by mystique and human tears
Still a shadow over God’s creation
Revealing to us, all our deepest fears 

Your cloak blocks all light, keeps us in the dark
Your warm embrace, an escape for the few
But for the masses, your kiss leaves a mark
And a feeling you wish no one else knew

I know not your face, nor your holy name
Fairest judge of all, carries all our blame
You say that it’s important
I say that I don’t care
You tell me that I’m foolish
but refuse to see my fear

The mask I wear is breaking
And duck tape won’t hold
I pretend it doesn’t matter
to sell the lie I told

‘Cause keeping up appearances
is all I need to do
Who cares what you think of me
I know it isn’t true

‘Cause if you were to see
all I hide away
I can’t be sure
that you would want to stay

And my fear of losing you
is greater than you know
Great enough I’d lose myself
before I let you go

It’s easier to say
That, no, I don’t care
to hide from you the truth
and disguise my fear
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